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bendelta asked: Haha, fair enough. Next question: Would you rather be able to instantly teleport to only places you've already been, or only places you've never been?

Already been. Then, as I physically travel to new places, they would add to my repertoire of already been places and I could go back and forth forever more :)
If I picked haven’t been, there’d eventually be no places left and my transportey gift would be useless

bendelta asked: Alright, let's say that if you chose swimming, you would just sort of swim through the air, slightly off the ground. It would take the same effort as swimming, and you wouldn't be able to swim over anything if you wouldn't have been able to walk over it.

Oh man that’s a lot of effort. And I would be very much mocked :(

But I’d still have to pick swimming. I’d never be able to get anything done with Nicolas Cage all up in my grill

"Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.”
— Albus Dumbledore (Goblet of Fire)
bendelta asked: You know.. I never really went that in-depth with the scenario. Haha.

Choosing whether or not to flood the world is a big decision! I need all the info!

bendelta asked: Would you rather be forced to swim everywhere, or always have Nicolas Cage within one meter of you?

If I picked the first option, would mean that there’d be water everywhere, or that I’d have to swim through air? It seems unfair to flood the world just so that I could swim through it but I’m really not a Nicolas Cage fan so idk >:(

"Can Harley and Ivy get a proper movie, please?”
— Phil Wood (via philhollywood)